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About Us


Lee “Butch” Broberg started selling cookware like many of us begin doing something, by accident! He watched an acquaintance promoting waterless cookware and thought it might be something fun to try! He sold his first set in December 1969. Since those first few sales, his commitment and belief in quality cookware has become a passion.


Butch began selling first to his family and friends, then door-to-door in

the 1970’s. In the 1980’s he began cooking dinners in customer’s homes,

expanding to Home Shows and Trade Shows in the 1990’s. In 1975

he debuted at the Minnesota State Fair and continues promoting

healthy, waterless cookware at the Minnesota and Clay

County Fairs to this day.


Butch grew up on the family farm in outstate Minnesota and thoroughly

enjoyes raising his own family. His downtime is now spent with his many

grandchildren. He loves to see you each year and hear how your families

are doing!


“Selling quality Vital Nutrition by Diamondcraft Cookware has become

more than a business for me,” says Butch. “It is a passion and a belief! My

goal is to not just satisfy you, but to satisfy your family and friends… and

THEIR family and friends!”


Superior Quality – American Made - Lifetime Warranty – Healthy – Efficient -  Enjoyable! 

THAT is Diamondcraft Cookware.  




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